Summer season


I know summer sun can never be calm but these days when May is getting warm, my city’s temperature is rising. Today it was 46 degree Celsius and in the absence of any wind, I found it really hard to breath. All day long my head kept on pounding and I felt my eyes burning.

It’s been some days that our cars’ AC has stopped working and my mother getting tired of car mechanics is looking angry. Now, she’s a strong believer of Murphy’s Law and today when she was sighing for winter, I was smiling and pretending listening to her, I started taking mental notes for my post.

Actually, I like observing shades of green leaves in bright sunlight. In summer, the waft of warm air adds color to environment but this very hue is absent from dull winter days and long winter nights taking a cloak of fog often makes me sad.

So, it’s summer and in the midst of load shedding everyone is missing cold winter days but I’m happy about the presence of raw mangoes in my home and thinking about eating delicious raw mango chutney is making my mouth water. This mango chutney is a real treat to eat with meals.

mango chutney

Well, summer season can offer a lot, for if eating mangoes add sweet flavor to long summer days then at nights eating ice lollies are enough to make anyone smile 🙂

ice lolly.jpgmangoes.jpg


Lemonade story

TLT week 15: lemons

Our school was not far and a walk back to home was not more than five minutes but when it was hot, it felt the distance would never end, and only the idea of drinking cold lemonade would give us much needed strength.

Today when so much has changed, the heat wave of summer season remained same and this morning while buying vegetables, I also bought some fresh lemons and thinking about sweet and sour memories of my childhood, I smiled.

I’m a mother of two and my mom was a mother of seven, she was strict but in the scorching heat of June’s sun the way she prepared lemonade showed her love for her kids.

This post is a response to Three Line Tales, Week Fifteen by SONYA author of the blog Only 100 Words.

TLT photo prompt by Erol Ahmed



Recreate a single day

Today, the dull rays of winter sun were looking pale and I was feeling tired of that cold and dreary environment in home.

Never before, I had ever saw my father so tense. My paternal uncle living in a far country was ill and my father’s agitation was on its peak.

He didn’t take his breakfast properly nor did he ate his lunch. In the evening we all tried hard and with much effort we succeeded to persuade him to eat.

Later, mother told us that father cares about his brother and their bond of love was so strong. She asked us to pray and then much awaited phone call ended my father’s tension.

My cousin informed us that uncle was feeling better.

It’s late in the night and when I’m scribbling down my thoughts in my diary, I can’t help thinking about today’s developments. I had a vague memory of that day when in search of better future my father decided to leave his country.

Uncle was against that idea and today on observing my father’s agitation, I came to understand the meaning of fraternal love.

The other day, I was reading the poem “Melodic train” and was finding it hard to concentrate upon its theme but the developments of this day have cleared my queries.

Today, the melodic train of our lives encountered a dangerous curve on its track. Right now, I can hear my father’s snoring. Thanks God he’s relax now.

I’m happy that all is well and I hope that tomorrow will be a different day.

melodic train


Writing 101 prompt: Recreate a single day


A fresh start

Her body endured an intense pain, the long fight left her tired and Amber confined herself in her room.

Her eyes were closed and she was still crying when she heard the door opened. She knew it was Kevin and feeling the warmth of his hands, she opened her eyes.

Kevin was looking smiling at her.

“Amber, believe me, your headscarf is beautiful than your hair.”

After a cold winter night, the much needed warmth of sun was calming.

On her husband’s shoulder, she cried.

Kevin knew that his wife being a survivor of cancer needed his support.

(98 words)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.



This post is a response to a flash fiction for aspiring writers.


Jerry: The bravest man

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of forest.”

Jerry, was known as a man of strong nerves and when everyone was assuming little Daniel to be dead, he proposed to look into that forest.

The younger son of Bob the truck driver was missing. Every nook and cranny of the town was searched but to no avail.

So, Jerry took two men with him but on reaching at that spot, they refused to move farther and holding torch in his hand, Jerry decided to enter alone.

Deep in the woods the owls were hooting and cupping his hands, he was shouting Daniel’s name.

Suddenly, he heard someone sobbing. Moving his torch in the direction of the voice, Jerry saw the white face of Daniel. Sitting beside the tree, the kid looked frightened.

Jerry took him in his arms and rest is a history.

It’s been a long time and Daniel while narrating this tale to his son never forgets to conclude.

“Never get afraid of darkness. You must learn to take risk.”

(166 words)


This post is a response to Mondays Finish the Story. The first sentence is given and we are suppose to write a story between 100-150 words.

Story of a Yellow color

No one but “Tweety” will be happy to visit us. That’s how my mother used to bait my father. Her complain was right. For, curtains and furniture in our home were all yellow.

Father’s love for yellow color remained a mystery, until a time came when as a student of psychology; I studied the impact of colors.

I always knew but never realized that my father being an orphan child lived a difficult life. His life was all about struggle and in the midst of all those difficulties he always remained calm.

This day was a hectic day and when I returned from job, I saw my toddler was busy in playing.

I took him in my arms and caressing his cheeks, I couldn’t resist looking at his hand. Clutching his yellow boat my son was smiling. His precious smile filled my heart with joy.

Life is all about staying hopeful and my son’s yellow boat often reminds me of this 🙂

(161 words)

(Yellow is a color of optimism, friendliness, creativity and confidence.)


Written for Flash Fiction for AspiringWriters. Thanks Pricelessjoy for this opportunity and many thanks to Sonya for this beautiful picture 🙂

Story: Mystery of castle

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island and no one knew about my plan.

On one sunny morning, leaving a letter for my family, I went on an adventure.

The emerald green island was surrounded by a blue sea. On getting closer, I stepped out of my boat and tried to hear the gushing of waves.

It was all very calm.

Searching for sometime, I finally found the castle. It was a sure sign of grandeur and I was busy in observing it when I noticed something was written on its wall.

It read

Welcome, I’m amazed at your bravery!

In no time sky changed its color. I felt a strange sensation and the next moment I realized my mistake…

Closing the novel, I felt my hands were wet . My heart was beating profusely and I was sure that scientists were right.

Reading the novel had improved the function of my brain and very successfully I started to put myself into the body of book’s protagonist.


This post is a submission to Mondays Finish the Story. First sentence is given and we are suppose to finish a story using 100-150 words.

Story of a dream house

Standing beside the window, Brian was looking at the calm sea.

His beloved wife always wanted to have this home. There was a time when he was in a position to fulfill her dream but fate decided to take their test.

Brian’s brother got in trouble and needed money. Though, teary black eyes of Melissa made him sad, Brian remained stick to his decision.

The result of his pure intentions was sweet. After some years of struggle, Brian finally purchased that beautiful house.

He was still absorbed in his thoughts when he felt her presence behind him

Wearing white pull over, Melissa was looking fresh and attractive

What are you thinking dear?” she asked

Gently pressing her soft hands he replied

I was thinking about you. Are you happy?

She placed her head on his shoulder and said, “I’m more than happy”.

Up in the sky the warm sun smiled behind the clouds, while embracing each other, they both looked contented.

(162 words)


This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thank you Priceless joy for this opportunity 🙂

And, thank you Louise for this wonderful picture.

Well, it’s a year of writing on word press (It was in September last year that I started to post regularly).

These days, I’m trying to participate in flash fiction challenges. My sister think that there is darkness in my stories. So, at times I think that my readers will get tired of reading them 🙂

I actually enjoy reading short stories. The list of my favorite short stories is long but one of my favorite is Vladimir’s “Signs and Symbols” and “Happy Prince” is always close to my heart.

Dear reader, thank you for your patience in reading my posts.Your presence means a lot to me 🙂

Story: A walk to remember

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“The A & B building was made entirely of driftwood”

On their way to home, she used to stop at that spot. No matter how much he tried, his little angel never moved.

Looking above, she tried to spell and whenever she spelt the letters correctly, her father’s heart got filled with joy and he used to take her in his arms.

With the passage of time father lost his vigour and his daughter moved on in her life and then the day came when she wore her wedding dress.

He cried on that night.

Two years later, once again the freshness returned on his face.

On that day, he wore his special dress and ignoring his walking stick he moved towards the door to welcome his guests.

Behind, the letter was placed.

Dear father,

I’ve never stopped dreaming about our walk. In my dreams that driftwood building is still fresh. I missed that time and guess what little Elizabeth is quite excited to meet you.

Your’s loving daughter

(159 words)


This post is a submission to Mondays Finish the Story by Barbra. Thanks Barbra for this challenge. I love this photo 🙂

Story: Linda’s Life

The life without children was lonely for her and in order to fill that vacant space, the kind old Linda showed great care for her flowers.

Standing in a window of my room, I often observed her garden. For, a neatly trimmed grass and the colorful bushes of flowers were a refreshing sight.

All day long, Linda kept herself busy in baking. In the evening she used to sit in her garden and the children from neighbor gathered round her. She was a great raconteur and while listening to Linda’s story, they also enjoyed eating her delicious cakes.

Painting was her way of expressing her feelings. Her house was full of her drawings.

I knew she was getting old and I was worried about her. Once, I tried to make her realized that she required some rest but she said

It’s true that I’m getting weak but I won’t like to sit idle. I’d like to die in harness.”

Today, the garden is for children to play and enjoy themselves.

As for me, I can imagine her standing in her garden doing painting.

Linda died with her boots on.

(186 words)


Many thanks to PricelessJoy of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The photo prompt is provided by Graham Lawrence. It is a beautiful picture.