Baking cakes


Today, when Rio Olympics concluded with many new records, New Zeland athlete won fair play award and great Usin Bolt was on cloud nine when he walks away with his three gold medals.

Much like all these achievements in Olympic history of 2016, my mother is also happy.

It took her three failed attempts and finally her sponge cake is in perfect shape.


20160803_181111 (1).jpg

She loves doing baking and the most interesting aspect of her baking is the fact that she’s never satisfied with the result. She’s not perfectionist but she’s always looking for improvement in her work.

In initial failed attempts of baking sponge cake, I saw a restlessness on her face.

After applying the layer of jam, it happened twice that the moment she tried to fold it, it loses its shape. It was a long time that she last baked the sponge cake and she was sure that she was missing something. She searched the whole internet and finally she remember that while folding the layer of cake she needed to keep it in a piece of cloth.

That was sure a “eureka” moment for her. So, yes she’s happy and I’m impressed because in studies and in real life, she wants us to opt similar approach. There’s one thing she would love to say

“Never think that you’re done and you have done something extraordinary, for there’s always a room for improvement.”

These are all different flavors of home made special cakes 🙂




The Space to Write

space to write

The calmness of morning and stillness of night are my best friends and my dear laptop accompanies me in my process of writing.

It reminds me of my wonderful experience of writing a story. Once, there was a picture prompt given and my mind was totally blank. All day long, I tried hard to come up with some idea but to no avail.

On that night when I went to sleep, my mind started to work. Lying on bed, I grab hold of pencil and paper and with eyes closed, I just started to write.

The morning light unveiled the mess on paper but it opened the closed window of my mind and once I started typing, I never stopped.

Truth be told, I’m still practicing it and whenever I have a feeling that I’m getting short of ideas, I just close my eyes and relax my mind and at that very moment the film like motion of my words started to play in my mind.

Trust me this practice is really helpful.


Written for Writing 101 prompt: The space to write