My blogging journey

blog anniversary

Two years ago, it all started with a day when, while searching for some writing tips, I came across a website of Mike Wallagher and the moment, I started reading his blog, the window to the whole new world of writing opened for me.

To quote Mike’s words, he wrote that if a person can draft an email than he can also write his blog and the sentence which really inspired me was that the wise and energetic people instead of wasting their time on Facebook go on adopting for some healthy activity and Mike considered blogging one such constructive activity.

Mike Wallagher blog was all about guiding newbies in the world of blogging. I was little bit hesitant but mailed some of my writings to Mike and asked him to guide me accordingly and felt really pleased to receive his reply next day. There was this sentence which was really motivating for me, he wrote

Thanks for your email! The writings look really promising, definitely start a blog…

I wasn’t sure about choosing a blogging platform and he suggested me to start with WordPress, I started and once on receiving a go ahead, I never looked back.

The journey of these two years is more like a voyage of self-discovery. I never realized that I can write and share about myself and this very beauty of sharing one’s world was one of the reason behind starting this blog.

It’s the beauty of blogging that a person enjoys the experience of writing about his world and in this process of writing, he discovers some aspects of his life which he tends to overlooks but blogging makes him realize that his little world is beautiful and it can offer a lot to share with a world.

In these past years, I’ve experienced various genres of writing. There was a time when I started participating in fiction writing but I soon got tired. Maybe, I was missing that inner urge of sharing my thoughts and feelings about daily happenings and once I sensed monotony in my fiction writing, I stopped writing it and for the time being, I’m enjoying writing what I observe and at times I also love penning down the experience of relating what I read in books.

If someone asks me about this journey of past two years, I won’t take much time and would reply that this is more like an expedition which has given me a lot of confidence.I’m thankful to each and every reader who has always remained kind in finding some time in reading and commenting on my posts. I’ve learned a lot by reading your comments.

It’s a common knowledge that blogging community is friendly but my experience here on wordpress taught me that blogging family is simply awesome 🙂



A roundup of great reads

great reads

Like something delicious to eat, writers are always looking for something sweet to read.

Writing 101 prompt asks me to share a round up of great posts which I’ve read this week. I’ll be honest, this past week I didn’t read much blogs but these are some of the posts which I love to share with you.

Cab drivers and maps

Amanda author of the blog mandibelle16 shared her experience of travelling in cabs. It’s a brilliant write up which shows her deep observation of her surroundings. I like the natural flow of her thoughts and here is a link to her post

The Deeper Purple

Nicodemas  author of the blog Ancient Skies  writes this beautiful poem. The depth, magic and the use of beautiful imagery are all very inspiring. Here is a link to his post

Letters to Heaven

Hayley author of the blog  Dear Dad writes this heart warming post. A worth read tribute to her late father. I love the way she express her feelings and I’m sure that reading it will left your eyes teary. Here is a link to her post

Truth about marriage

Brey author of blog Ordinary Adventures shares her thoughts about her married life. The mere reading of this post will keep you glued to your seats and you’ll end up hitting the follow button on her blog.

Here is a link to her post