What is it that you require to become a writer?


Is it about ‘writing space’ or is it about some kind of ‘inspiration’ that is necessary to write? Is it only good imagination that gives rise to powerful writing?

Lately, I’ve been trying to find answers for these questions and have recently came across a tedtalk by Markus Zusak on yout tube.

Zusak who is an author of New York Times bestseller The book Thief explains that these are problems in life for which a person wants some solution and in order to get away from them, he becomes a writer.

This phenomenon sounds interesting to me and Harry Potter’s writer J. K Rowling came to my mind. Prior to publishing her novel, Rowling was going through lots of troubles in her life. She was a single mother and in absence of any kind of permanent job, she was in need of money.

Rowling’s strong imagination was the reason behind her success but that were also problems in her life which compels her to use her imagination in an effective way.

Reign of Queen Victoria in England is famous for its novelists and Charles Dickens is considered one of the greatest English writers of his time. When his father was in debtors’ prison, Dicken left school to work in factory. Dickens’ was quite young when he was forced to live a life away from his family and while working as a child, he experienced the problems which poor working class faced in society.

Facing issues and on getting first hand experience of life, Dicken with the help of his imagination created some unforgettable characters in literature.

Wilkins Micawber, Ebenzer Scrooge and Oliver Twist are considered some of his memorable characters.

An author while writing her memoir writes

” My sharpest memory is of a single instant surrounded by dark”

Which means that these are dark moments in life which leave strong impression on our minds and writer is a sensative person to express his emotions well from such moments.

Tolstoy in Anna Karenina writes

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Which shows that in unhappiness there are many shades while in happy moments we often don’t find much which can stir or move our soul. Troubles in life provides us with many ideas to get away from them.

It’s not always necessary for a writer to own some perfect writing space, it’s anywhere that an idea can struck him.

Going back to that tedtalk by Markus Zusak, he tells that while writing a draft for his book, he literally tore and threw away many pages. He was confused about selecting his narrator and while looking at the pile of crumpled papers, an idea came to his mind.

Previously when he was considering taking girl to be his narrator, he was facing lots of issues but when he decided to make death a narrator of his book, everything went smooth.

It was out of the box thinking and once the novel was well received, he concluded that his journey of writing The book thief was not easy. He was sure that problems helped him in creating such a compelling piece of writing.

Have you read this book by Markus Zusak? Do you agree that these are problems in life which often helps writer in his writing.

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I write because….


During exams of my seventh grade, I was asked to write an essay over the topic of library. In those days I didn’t own much books but I often dreamt of having a large and airy library at home.

I wrote an imaginary essay in which I gave desription of my ideal picture of library with two large windows which I imagined opened in garden of my home. I was supposed to write that essay in Urdu and thirteen out of fifteen marks were considered highest in class.

In her remarks, my teacher wrote excellent work on my paper.

I kept that paper for a long time but later lost it during shifting process of my home.

Two weeks ago, I was reading George Orwell’s essay in which he mentioned that he had a lonely child’s habit of making up stories and holding up conversation with imaginary friends. Reading this reminds me of that library essay and I thought I could relate to him for there is this magic in imagination that in most desperate moments of my life, I have always found refuge in secret haven of my imaginary world.

I write because it gives me an excuse for reading.

I scribble because it provides me glimpse of my own thought process.

I write because it keeps me alive.

It sounds like a cliche but it’s been some time that wtiting has become more of a life line for me. I have found the sensation of giving birth to words painful but the next moment when I saw words on previously blank screen of my laptop, I feel proud of myself.

My mother often scolds me that I also need to learn to explain myself through oral communication which I think I’m quite capable of doing for it seems funny but whenever my mother is furious, I get afraid of her temper and lost control over my speech.

I have no idea of the count of words I have typed so far. I have been interrupted twice and have lost control of my stream of thoughts whose speed I was unable to control. My fingers didn’t keep pace with it.

This post of mine wasn’t suppose to go like this. There were many things which I wanted to write but right now when I’m not able to recall any single of them, I’d like to mention that I write because through writing, I’ve explored many new dimensions of life.

I simply write because writing has provided me with this opportunity to embrace life…

Morning newspaper


When I was in school a weekly page in newspaper was reserved for kids. All week, we kids remained excited about reading stories in it and on Wednesday when the page was published, I and my sisters used to argue that who’ll read it first.

Those were the days when my father without reading newspaper couldn’t finish eating his breakfast and as routine become habit, this practice of taking breakfast along with reading newspaper becomes a norm and much like a morning dose, it is necessary to start a day in my home.

I remember that special bamboo stick magazine rack that was placed in our drawing room.

magazine rack
I wish I could have an original picture but this Google image is very close in resemblence

It served us for nearly seventeen years and it’s only been lately that my mother like most of women who find it hard to get rid of old trash, mustered up her courage and let go off that crippled magazine rack, for the worn out rack lost one of its leg and when a new magazine rack replaced it, a debate erupted in my home.

In the presence of high speed internet, my parents are of the view that there’s no need to purchase printed edition of newspaper but every time when the idea is proposed, my younger sister, who after getting from school lies on couch and enjoy reading newspaper gets angry and, we all agree that as internet connection is not always reliable so it’s better not to stop the routine.

Now, it’s been some time that nothing has been said on this topic and yesterday while dusting off the furniture, I noticed the magazine rack which was filled up to its brim with papers. I sat on my knees and as I got myself busied in arranging newspapers, I recalled these lines from Wilbur’s poem

Richard Wilbur  in his poem “After the last bulletin” writes

After the last bulletins the windows darken

And the whole city founders readily and deep,

Sliding on all its pillows

To the thronged Atlantis of personal sleep,


And the wind rises. The wind rises and bowls

The day’s litter of news in the alleys. Trash

Tears itself on the railings,

Soars and falls with a soft crash,

When Wilbur talks about the worthlessness of news that become a litter on next day, I can recall reading that the Independent newspaper has called an end to its print edition after three decades and had gone online only and while arranging the messed up pile of old newspapers, I feel sorry about the loss of all news which has been arranged and published with great effort but it only took fraction of time before the most prominent news in the paper lost its vigor.

And, when daily Independent has decided to put an end to its printed edition, there are still newspapers which are getting published and despite the fact that morning news becomes worthless in evening, the same effort of gathering and publishing news is performed the other day.

To cap it all, I can say that when news is collected and fresh papers are published, it depicts the very fact of life that as new order replace the old one,life continues to move on.

I’m a blogger…


An episode in a drama series “House” showed a patient who was a blogger. The situation became interesting when a woman being a blogger expressed her desire in sharing each and every detail of her treatment at the hospital while on the other hand the medical team wanted to have some privacy.

I’m not sure if that is the case with all bloggers but my sister who is studying to become a doctor enjoyed watching that episode. She thought I’m also a kind of a blogger who is always keen to share each and every detail.

I respect her thoughts and I admit that I’m more like a diarist but then every other personal blog is about sharing one’s thoughts.

I remember, in the beginning when I started writing, I always looked forward to get some likes and comments on my post. True, for a blogger these likes and comments mean a lot but with the passage of time my priorities started to change.

I don’t know whether it’s true for everyone but I think that maturity of mind comes with writing. Again, I admit that I’m more of a diarist but I love to share what I love to read.

So, these days I’m reading a book by Markus Zusak in which “Death” tells a story of a girl who’s a book thief and lives in a Nazi Germany.

book thief

The sentence formation in a novel is simple. I haven’t completed “The Book thief” yet but I felt that these are not the complex ideas that confuse us but these are some simple thoughts which require complete attention of our minds.

Now, when my siblings think that I’m a kind of a “Dr. House type blogger” then I can’t help mentioning cricket here. Like the rest of the world people in Asia also love football but they’re quite crazy about playing cricket.

The other day I was watching a match on a TV. The score was only sixty seven when a last man came to play.

Fearless and determined both tail-enders played really well. They fought for their team and added an important sixty runs to the total. Though, their team didn’t win the game, but the enthusiasm of those two players has become a history in cricket.

In the face of difficulties and the wake of some drastic moments this is the human courage which helps him in ascending the success steps and Markus Zusak never forgets to mention this. There is a quote in his book which I read more than thrice.

The “death” before telling the story of a girl says

“Yes, often I’m reminded of her, and in one of my vast array of pockets, I have kept her story to retell. It is one of the small legion I carry, each one extraordinary in its own right. Each one an attempt…an immense leap of an attempt…to prove to me that you, and your human existence are worth it.”

Starting with Dr.House, I shared my thoughts about Mark Zusak book and then I find it really hard to avoid mentioning cricket here.

I’ve tried to create a connection between my thoughts here. For, life is in a constant motion and human beings are all connected with each other. So, this is the job of a blogger to connect and to bridge the gap between the things which apparently seem disconnected and to tell you a truth this is a purpose of my blog to write and share stories which could add some wisdom in our lives.

bridge a gap

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Day 1: Quote Challenge (Gifted Hands)

Gifted hands

Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next”

Back in 2011 was the first time that I heard about the movie adaption of this book and the day I watched the movie, I started looking for its book. I left no book store but unfortunately couldn’t find it. In these past five years the burning desire of reading this book never faded.

It so happened that the other day was my birthday and when I opened my gift I couldn’t believe my eyes. The book of “Ben Carson” was smiling at me.

Indeed, the most surprising and the most precious gift I have ever got is this book. So, this weekend saw me reading this book. At one time my sister literally got angry. For, she needed help in the kitchen and I was so immersed in reading that I literally ignored her.

After, giving such a long background I feel myself compelled to share some of the facts about this book. If you haven’t read this book then find some time to read this beautiful piece of autobiography. This is a story of a ghetto kid of Detroit who despite of all the difficulties in his life managed to become the famous neurosurgeon of the world. Reading this makes you feel a part of this story. This has been written in such an honest way that you’ll find it really hard to get yourself detach from this narrative.

I specifically like reading the opening letter of Ben’s mother. The uneducated lady who knows the importance of education often quotes a poem “Yourself to blame” to her boys.

She says

I often quote one line in particular to them: “You’re the captain of your ship”…

The wise and intelligent mother successfully instills the love for books in her kids. At one occasion Carson writes

By reading so much, my vocabulary automatically improved along with my comprehension”

That self-confidence helps boys in achieving their goals in life. Carson became a doctor and his brother became an Engineer. Ben Carson never forgets to mention some of his case histories. They’re inspirational and dramatic to read. The world famous case of first successful operation of conjoined twins is the story of a great team work.

The flow of the book is superb. The writing is easy and interesting to read. I don’t know if it was only me but while reading it I experienced mixed emotions. I cried, I laughed and I felt a sensation down my spine. And, the moment I reached the last page of the book, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe but the book has already ended.


Many thanks to Deb author of the blog “Once upon a hot flash” for nominating me for this challenge.

This is my second time that I’m participating in this challenge. I’d like to keep nominations open. So, if you’re interested than you’re most welcome to participate 🙂

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

The idea of reading the same book year after year after year seem strange to me, for I believe that it is a particular environment or a mood of a person which  provokes him to read a same book.

This December saw me reading the series of Harry Potter and once I closed the fifth part, I lost my interest and couldn’t read more. It’s my second time that I’ve halted midway and may be some time in future I’d like to take a stroll in that magical world again but for this time; I’m once again enjoying reading Jane Eyre.

I remember once our teacher told us that in order to read literature one needs to fall in love with it. And, at this very moment when I’m typing these words my mind is busy in thinking about the reasons of my love for this book.

Jane Eyre is different, for she’s not a gaudy figure but plain and simple and Mr. Rochester is not a typical handsome hero here. This is the novel which has been written in the backdrop of Victorian era and it tells a story of an orphan girl from her deprived childhood to her lovely youth.

Some events in this Victorian literature  seem out of this world but then these are the excellent depiction of emotions and feelings that win our hearts. At times, Thorn field appears dull and on the foreground of such dreary environment Charlotte Bronte has beautifully weaved a story of pure love and passion. I like reading the details about Mother Nature. For, sunlight, birds, flowers and leaves never cease to show their presence in this story.

To call it only a romantic novel won’t do justice to it, for “Jane Eyre” is an exceptional story and whenever I read the following quotes they always seem new to me

“Then learn from me not to judge by appearances.”

It is not violence that best overcomes hate__nor vengeance that most certainly heals injury.”



Books: Our best Friends!


The murmuring sound of rustling of wind whispers in her ear. That intruding voice startled her and while sewing the cloth the needle dropped from her hand.

In the midst of perfect silence in the home, the clinking sound of a needle made everyone jump up from their seats. The cold glances were shared and the deep breath of weariness was exhaled.

Her lips curled into a sheepish grin and she found a refuge in reading.

And, very cautiously she looked up from her book and got amazed to saw her mother reading a magazine. Her sister was immersed in reading Sherlock Holmes and her father dusting off his favorite book from the shelf.

She smiled; at last the “black screen” of TV had given them an excuse to go back to their old habit of reading books.

Image Courtesy: (Google Image)

For the last five days,my internet connection was down. I was not able to read your posts here and I’ll definitely try to catch up with them.

Happy Reading 🙂

Award Time!






I’m thankful to Prakash Hegade and Nimmi for nominating me for a versatile blogger award. I am very happy and believe me this is wonderful experience.


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Here are seven things about myself

1. I am not a cat lover:)

2. I like to eat rice.

3. Love to watch good English movies.

4. I find pleasure in reading books.

5. I like to write favourite quotes in my diary.

6. Cleanliness is my passion.

7. I am good at teaching Maths:)

My Nominees are:

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Thank you to Prakash and Nimmi for sending me this beautiful gift and love to all my followers. You are all special to me. Your very presence on my blog motivates me to write more beautifully.

Stay Well:)



Writers Quote: Kite Runner


The bestseller novel “Kite Runner” is a masterpiece that not only tells the beautiful story of human relationships but also skillfully narrates the strong impact of war upon the very lives of human beings. I have just finished reading it and I must admit that right now I am going through the period of “book hang over”.

War in its any form is ruthless. No words of my dictionary are ready to support this loathsome act. Indeed, it is the madness of human nature that shatters the very dreams of an innocent child.

The war shows its cruel face in a way that children and young people become hopeless, they lost their trust and in a way they are deprived of their right of growing up in a protective environment.

To sum it up, war initiates where wisdom ends and it concludes where the innocent flower of childhood withers.

Reading “Kite Runner” was a heart wrenching experience. The author “Khalid Husseni” has done a masterful job in creating a world of fiction and the reader finds it very hard to detach himself from its characters.

Thanks a lot to Silver Threading for giving me a wonderful chance to share my thoughts.

Happy reading:)

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