October sun


Mellow light of October sun is looking gloomy these days, summer has already packed up and winter season is looking ready to appear on screen.

I have always found winter to be a bit sad in appearance. I like bright sunlight and when it gets fade, I became sad.

But, then like John Keats who in his poem “ode to autumn” tries to find some beauty in that season, I too succeeded in capturing some beauty of October season.

It was three in the afternoon when lying on couch, I took this picture. The effect of lazy rays of late afternoon sun coming through these screened windows looked majestic to me.

Summer season


I know summer sun can never be calm but these days when May is getting warm, my city’s temperature is rising. Today it was 46 degree Celsius and in the absence of any wind, I found it really hard to breath. All day long my head kept on pounding and I felt my eyes burning.

It’s been some days that our cars’ AC has stopped working and my mother getting tired of car mechanics is looking angry. Now, she’s a strong believer of Murphy’s Law and today when she was sighing for winter, I was smiling and pretending listening to her, I started taking mental notes for my post.

Actually, I like observing shades of green leaves in bright sunlight. In summer, the waft of warm air adds color to environment but this very hue is absent from dull winter days and long winter nights taking a cloak of fog often makes me sad.

So, it’s summer and in the midst of load shedding everyone is missing cold winter days but I’m happy about the presence of raw mangoes in my home and thinking about eating delicious raw mango chutney is making my mouth water. This mango chutney is a real treat to eat with meals.

mango chutney

Well, summer season can offer a lot, for if eating mangoes add sweet flavor to long summer days then at nights eating ice lollies are enough to make anyone smile 🙂

ice lolly.jpgmangoes.jpg


Dear Winter

A letter to Winter.jpg 

Dear winter,

I hate being lazy and when the calendar on a wall shows that it’s already January 5th, I feel really sorry that I haven’t been in touch with you.

I believe that it’s all due to lazy December which left a dull impact on my mind. It seems a long time that I have written anything and today when I’m writing this letter my eyes are getting watery and I can feel a sore throat.

Sure, these are the symptoms of flu and I hope you won’t mind asking me but I want to see more of sun in this season. Everywhere it’s all brown and dull and while sneezing, I’m missing the warm summer.

The pale sunshine of last month left me tired. Mother didn’t allow me to go outside and I was bound to spend my time in my room. I hope you can understand but you need to ask December sun to become more active.

Mother is right in saying that every season is a gift of God but she does not understand that I’m getting tired of wearing heavy stuff. The sweater, the muffler and the gloves are making the process of breathing tough for me.

Like a bird in a sky, I like to take a stroll in my garden and for that I need your help.

My dear winter, I understand it could be tough but I want the genial rays of warm sunshine back in my room.