Lost and found


It’s been three weeks in new home and today my sister after getting tired of continuously requesting everyone to find her diaries finally decided to take her own responsibility and got succeeded.

My sister is in ninth grade and it’s been a long time that she’s in a habit of writing her favorite quotes and thoughts in her diary. In these past days when everyone was busy and no one was ready to help her, I could feel restlessness on her face.

Now, she being younger at home always counts on us to solve her problems. As she’s getting older, we’re trying to make it sure that she takes her own responsibility and today I took a sigh of relief when she found her diaries in a drawer placed in store. She can also lose her temper easily. I tried hard to make her clear that while shifting when some thirty five boxes are involve, such minor incidents can happen but she was not ready to listen anything and was of the view that in any case it was I who put them there and forget about them.

Well, all’s well that ends well and while writing it; I’m also silently praying that she could also learn to press her uniform.

Yes, I’m the one at home whom she thinks is responsible of pressing her uniform 🙂

When I fell from stairs

Slip and Fall

On that day, my journey down the stairs in my home was supposed to be a part of a normal routine but while walking down, I was immersed in my thoughts and the moment I looked towards my parents’ room, I lost control of my footing.

Next, everything went blur and then what I can recall is only numbness.

I tried hard to grab hold of railing but like Jill whose tumbling fall from the hill was uncontrollable, I also came straight on floor.

Lying on my back , I saw everyone gathered round me but my twelve year old niece was the one who reached the spot first. (Much to my annoyance, she felt proud in witnessing that scene and in the coming days, she enjoyed narrating and exaggerating it). To cut a long story short, I was so embarrassed that on seeing everyone gathering round me, I wasted no time and on standing up, I tried to assure them that I was fine.

In the coming days, I had to bear the pain in my back and what left me amazed was the fact that that fall from the stairs produced a loud noise but my younger sister who was busy studying her medical books remained unaware of that incident.

Later, the conversation between me and my sister went something like this 🙂

minion quote


Six words story: Prejudice


Theme: Prejudice

Sister never meant to harm me.


This post is a submission to six words story challenge hosted by Benedict Nicholson.

Image Courtesy: beeskneesphotographync.com

Sunday is a Fun Day!


One more week and there would be an end to “Summer Vacations” in Schools. My sister and my niece are both looking excited.

The days are passing quickly and I’m observing a mixture of feelings upon their faces. The mere idea of meeting school friends after a long time has made them thrilled.

And, like kids they are also worried about the fact that they haven’t got any chance to go outside in these vacations. So, this Sunday was a “fun day”.

Today, they enjoyed their time in a garden and I spend my time in taking their pictures. Though, my niece is quite angry with me. She’s of the view that my act of taking picture was an interruption as she wanted more time on swings 🙂

Despite her unwillingness, I succeeded in taking these pictures.

And while, finishing my post I’m thinking about my own school days. School days are precious. Aren’t they?





My dear sister!


My sweet little sister,

You are like a blooming bud. You are young and your mind is immature. At this stage, your life revolves around school and homework. Meanwhile, you also like to watch movies in your free time.

Do you remember watching “Horton hears a who”? I remember you enjoyed watching it but do you know that that movie also imparts a great lesson?

Dear sister, in this limitless world of mighty oceans and huge mountains, we human beings exist like a speck. Yes, there exist a huge world beyond our imaginations. You need to discover it and I know that you are quite fond of astronomy and you like to read about planets.

And, do you know that in order to conquer this world you need to remain “focus”? Yes, my dear sister, your main problem is the lack of your attention.

Why boy fails in college by Herbert Hawkes has always inspired me.

He writes that there is the boy who sits down to study, open his book but before starting on his work says to himself, “I think that I had better sharpen my pencil; it needs it badly.” And when he has sharpened it, he observes that all his pencils need sharpening.

This idea about the student psyche is very true. In order, to achieve good grades you need to remain alert and focus. You are afraid of Math’s. Mathematics is all about practice. You need to get rid of your fears. Just let go of your fears and try to embrace the realities.

My dear sister,Mother often scolds you upon your sitting posture. Father wants to you to walk with straight back and you gets angry upon these things. Remember, family and especially parents are our best friends in this world. They are actually sincere with us. So, don’t lose temper upon trivial matters.

I believe you can achieve whatever you want and in order to succeed in life, you need to believe in yourself. Yes, the self-belief is the key to success in life.

Remember, the movie “The pursuit of Happyness”. You haven’t watched it but I have seen it multiple times and I’d like to end this letter with my favorite quote from this movie

Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something

Not even me

You gotta dream, you gotta protect it

People can’t do something themselves

They wanna tell you that you can’t do it

You want something, go get it

With lots of love

Your sister

image courtesy: (maggielindleydesigns.com)

My little sister!








That foggy day of December 25 is associated with the birth of my little sister. She was so soft that she looked like a stuffed doll. Her hair were golden and she was simply adorable.

We were all very excited. We captured each and every moment of her life. Here is the picture of her first baby food.







The appearance of her first baby tooth was a great fun. She was drinking water from the glass when we heard the unusual sound of ” tick tick”. That was a moment of great joy for us. We simply celebrated that unforgettable moment.







She loved to play with dolls and my father used to bring stuffed dolls for her.







She was quite happy on her first day at school. Here is her picture on her first day at school.









She loved to go outside. Parks had always remained her favorite place for outing.







My mother used to sew special frocks for her. Here is a picture of my sister wearing one of the beautiful frock sewn by my mother.







Her birthdays have always remained a special occasion for us.








Recently she has turned 13. She loves to write and she is quite good at cooking. I guess she is more mature but she is still afraid of Maths and to this day I haven’t found anyway to minimize her anxiety for Maths:)







Time flies quickly and we don’t realize it. So, I have decided to refresh those lovely moments of joy and happiness.

This is my way of showing my love for my little sister.







Stay Blessed and always remember me in your prayers!