As the sea shimmers in the sunlight so do the words in darkness of night.

The word shimmer reminds me of Wuthering Heights, the book whose abridged version, I read in my college days.

Last year, I chanced upon the book and finished reading it in ten days. The novel with its complex psychological characters and soft flow of thoughts is my all time favorite.

The daily post asks us to write something about the word shimmer which takes me back to an interview of a Canadian actor. Sergio Di Zio shared a little secret about his reading habit.

He explained that while reading any book, he’s in a habit of taking notes. So whenever he finish reading book, he not only writes his thoughts about book but also writes about the environment in which he read it. Jotting down thoughts in this way, he keeps record of his own memories.

From that day on, I have also started practicing this routine and whenever I read my thoughts at the end of books, it gives me a strange pleasure.

For me it is a precious feeling which reminds me that words are powerful because they joined to form a thought which can bring “shimmer” in our lives.

Here is a note from a book Whuthering Heights.

“July 18, 2016

It’s 12:40 p.m, I started reading this book on second day of Eid. It’s a journey of ten days which could be less, if I didn’t get under weather.

Reading the book was an unforgettable experience.”

Now reading this note reminds me that how I caught flu which got so worse that I was bound to bed. It was late in the night on July 18 when I finished reading it. It was a hot month of summer. At night, I couldn’t read the book in bedroom for the lights were off and others needed to sleep.

So, while everyone slept, I sat outside in sitting room and enjoyed reading the book in the calmness of night.

You see a single note can remind you of a lot of memories. Memories are precious and what’s more beautiful than saving them at the end of a book and that too in your own handwriting.

I very much like to see the shimmering rays of sunlight in sea. I can’t visit sea because it’s not in my city but rereading these notes in books is my sorce of getting happiness which brings shimmer in my life.

This post is written in response to daily post Shimmer

October sun


Mellow light of October sun is looking gloomy these days, summer has already packed up and winter season is looking ready to appear on screen.

I have always found winter to be a bit sad in appearance. I like bright sunlight and when it gets fade, I became sad.

But, then like John Keats who in his poem “ode to autumn” tries to find some beauty in that season, I too succeeded in capturing some beauty of October season.

It was three in the afternoon when lying on couch, I took this picture. The effect of lazy rays of late afternoon sun coming through these screened windows looked majestic to me.

Summer season


I know summer sun can never be calm but these days when May is getting warm, my city’s temperature is rising. Today it was 46 degree Celsius and in the absence of any wind, I found it really hard to breath. All day long my head kept on pounding and I felt my eyes burning.

It’s been some days that our cars’ AC has stopped working and my mother getting tired of car mechanics is looking angry. Now, she’s a strong believer of Murphy’s Law and today when she was sighing for winter, I was smiling and pretending listening to her, I started taking mental notes for my post.

Actually, I like observing shades of green leaves in bright sunlight. In summer, the waft of warm air adds color to environment but this very hue is absent from dull winter days and long winter nights taking a cloak of fog often makes me sad.

So, it’s summer and in the midst of load shedding everyone is missing cold winter days but I’m happy about the presence of raw mangoes in my home and thinking about eating delicious raw mango chutney is making my mouth water. This mango chutney is a real treat to eat with meals.

mango chutney

Well, summer season can offer a lot, for if eating mangoes add sweet flavor to long summer days then at nights eating ice lollies are enough to make anyone smile 🙂

ice lolly.jpgmangoes.jpg


A walk to school

walk to school

Prompt: How did/do you get to school: bus, walk, drive or bike?

On drawing the curtains of my school memories aside, the details of those dreary winter mornings often become visible when on hearing the mother’s voice we reluctantly left our warm beds. It was cold and mother knew everything and in order to provide us relief; she used to warm our sweaters in front of heater.

Later, halfheartedly we ate breakfast and by the time we were ready to get into our car, the color of sky started to turn blue. The journey to school meant a drive of forty five minutes. That was a tough routine but my father never showed any sign of distress.

I remember there was a bakery on our way to school. I and my sister loved to eat its fresh buns and for a long time they remained our favorite school lunch.

The day we moved into our new house that routine changed.

The new home brought school on a walking distance and we children started to enjoy that new aspect of life.

Never before I had ever witnessed the beauty of sunshine and my experience of walking to school early in the morning took me closer to my environment. I can recall there was a ground in front of our house and instead of taking a walk on street , I and my sister preferred to cross that ground.

In that process my polished shoes often got mud on them. I was so scared of uniform inspection that I started to put a piece of cloth in my bag. So, by the time I reached school ,I found some time to clean the dust from them.

In summer walking back to home was an unforgettable experience. Under the sweltering heat of warm sun, my black leather shoes burned like fire. It was a distance of hardly seven minutes but often it seemed that that distance would never end and only the idea of drinking cold water and sitting in front of room cooler gave us strength and we continued walking towards our home.

In those days it all seemed a burden. The routine was tough and the days seemed hectic but today looking back at that time, I can conclude that in the absence of any harsh realities of practical life and in the presence of innocent school friendships, I swear that was the best time of my life.

(Image courtesy: Google Image)

Camp Candy

camp candy

Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and open any page. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

This word “Camp” reminds me of a cartoon series of Camp Candy. It was a story of a summer camp where children remained busy in doing their fun activities.

The camping adventure in the beautiful surroundings of mountains and the comic dialogues were all meant to be our refreshing dose. We children loved that show and after doing homework we used to gather in our TV lounge. It was also a time for evening tea and while we ate our evening snacks, the joyous theme song started to play.

Those were some simple and colorful days of my childhood and I’m feeling really happy to find these lyrics of the theme song.

The flea bites,

The bee bites,

The bark of tree bites.

The quietness of darkness

The stories told by firelight

The long nights

The food fights

A summer made of memories,

At camp candy!

The moonlight,

The sunshine,

The rainy days and wet nights,

At camp candy!

Dear Winter

A letter to Winter.jpg 

Dear winter,

I hate being lazy and when the calendar on a wall shows that it’s already January 5th, I feel really sorry that I haven’t been in touch with you.

I believe that it’s all due to lazy December which left a dull impact on my mind. It seems a long time that I have written anything and today when I’m writing this letter my eyes are getting watery and I can feel a sore throat.

Sure, these are the symptoms of flu and I hope you won’t mind asking me but I want to see more of sun in this season. Everywhere it’s all brown and dull and while sneezing, I’m missing the warm summer.

The pale sunshine of last month left me tired. Mother didn’t allow me to go outside and I was bound to spend my time in my room. I hope you can understand but you need to ask December sun to become more active.

Mother is right in saying that every season is a gift of God but she does not understand that I’m getting tired of wearing heavy stuff. The sweater, the muffler and the gloves are making the process of breathing tough for me.

Like a bird in a sky, I like to take a stroll in my garden and for that I need your help.

My dear winter, I understand it could be tough but I want the genial rays of warm sunshine back in my room.

Enjoy the colors in life!


There prevails a splash of colors in my surrounding. It’s May and the days are getting warmer here. From sky to earth and from trees to flowers, everything seemed to be soaked in color.

In the midst of all these hues of a summer, I have started to read “The winter’s tale” by Shakespeare. Yes, somehow the winter has succeeded to find its way in my life.

The vengeance, tyranny, hatred, and jealousy are among some of the themes of this drama. No matter how much we deny but the fact remains that these negative feelings exist in our lives. I remember watching “The secret” movie and I found the “Law of attraction” really helpful.

According to the law of attraction, the positive thoughts attracts positive aspects in life while negative notions attract negative aspects in life. I tried to practice it.Once, in a kitchen I was looking for something. It was getting late and I was losing my temper when I decided to take help from the “law of attraction”. I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Relax, I’ll find it. It is here in front of me”. I opened my eyes and with a little effort, I found it.

You see that was a moment of joy. I’m still practicing it and really enjoys its magical power.

Going back to “The winter’s tale”, the epic drama of Shakespeare tells the story of “Leontes” the king whose negative feelings disrupted his whole life. The gloomy clouds of pessimism obscured his vision. The writer portrayed him as a man who realized that he had done wrong with his wife. The life gave him another chance and the drama ended on a happy note.

And, in real life by the time when a person realized that he had done wrong in his life, much had already been lost.

So, the next time when you feel “downhearted” and “dejected”, simply close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think of all the “positivity” in your life.

Live in the moment and always remain thankful for what you have.

Remember, affirmative thoughts are 100 of times more powerful than negative thoughts. So, feel good as our thoughts and feelings shape our lives.


Lahore: The city of Lively hearts

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It’s a human nature that he loves and admires the place where he lives. It seems strange but it’s true that the man often appears unaware of this fact in his life.

Last year I visited my sister who lives in another city. It so happened that after five days I started to feel “home sick” and at that very moment I realized that I was actually missing my very own city of “lively hearts”.

Lahore is my city and I had spent my whole childhood here. Lahore is often known as a city of beautiful gardens and colleges.

I personally admires the semi arid climate of my city. So, the scorching sun of July always fills my heart with the warmth of happiness. It is a month in which temperature rises above 40 degree Celsius. This rise in temperature provides “Lahoris” with an excellent opportunity of enjoying their evenings in swimming. Mangoes, watermelon and Grewia Asiatica are among some of the summer fruits which provide some relief from the sweltering summer.

Lahore is a city of lively people. “Lahoris” are popular because of their nature of enjoying each and every moment of their lives. They love to eat and the city is known for its delicious “Lahori cuisine”.

This is only a bird’s eye view of my beautiful city. My people are “amazing” and this city is “worth visiting”.

Dear reader, thank you for taking a virtual tour of my city.

God Bless you!

(image courtesy: Google image and Wikipedia)