Rainy Monday morning.

View of street outside my home

This morning my alarm was supposed to go off at five thirty but something went wrong with the settings but I was lucky to leave my bed at six due to sound of falling drops of rain on the cover of washing machine outside.

It kept on raining for six hours today.

Ten in the morning was my scheduled interview for the post of an ESL teacher. Before the start of an interview, I was bit nervous but the voice of interviewer was soft and it made me feel comfortable.

I can’t help mentioning Murphey’s law here, I’m not a believer in it but somehow at eleventh hour despite prior preparations, my laptop and headset started creating problem for me.

The interviewer was nice.

She gave me time and with positive approach, I was able to reach her and enjoyed my interview. Whatever the results are, I’ve enjoyed this experience.

While sitting on my sofa, I can see green leaves are looking fresh outside. In wind they’re moving and looking as if they’re busy doing their merry dance.

As I’m looking at these leaves, I can also hear a sound of hanging bells outside the screen door on entrance. This jingling sound gives me notion that it’s going to be a lovely week ahead.

Story of a Rainy Day!


The blue color sky was looking beautiful. The cold breeze was blowing and I was happy about the pleasant weather. But, I had no idea that that day was soon going to become an eventful day of my life.

On that day, I had a test and I was quickly getting through my notes, when I heard my mother. She was saying to my father to take me to my University.

My father is a relaxed man and it was early in the morning. So, he was naturally reluctant to go.
My mother was getting angry at him and before she could lose her temper, I intervened and proposed that they could take me to the University hostels and from there I and my friends would take rickshaw for our University.

At that timely interruption, my father took a sigh of relief and my mother gave him a harsh look.
At the hostel gates, I found my friends already waiting for me. By that time, I felt drops of water dropped on my face.

I looked above and saw the color of a sky. It was changing. It was a monsoon season and before we could reach rickshaw, the sky got tar black and it started to rain.
We quickly got into the rickshaw and the driver started it. The rain was getting heavier. The cars had turned their wipers on and they were moving with their full headlights.

The merciless clouds had spat out their beads of water and under such ruthless act of clouds, the streets got flooded and unfortunately in one of such street the rickshaw stopped. The driver tried to start his rickshaw, but he got failed.

A lot of time had already been wasted and we started to get worried about our test. I saw outside, the children were enjoying splashing water in a puddle. If it would be another time, I would also enjoy joining them but the time was just slipping away and at, that crucial hour, my mobile phone rang and to my great horror it was my mother.

She asked me whether I had reached my university and when I told her about our condition, she got worried and I heard strange noise on the other side of the phone.

I knew it was my mother getting angry at my father. So, I cut the call and started to pray for some miracle to happen and to my utter surprise; an old man came and offered us his help. I looked at my watch, it was 8:15 and the test was to be started at 8:30. So, without thinking we actually jumped in the car.
He was a kind man who took us to our University and when we saw the University gate, we got relaxed. But, when I stepped out of the car, I saw a pool of water at the entrance. We had no choice but to pass that pool of water.I was wearing my new and favorite shoes and with teary eyes, I stepped into that swimming pool of water.

There was a complete silence in the hall and only the scratching of pens on papers was audible there. Our, squeaky shoes informed everyone about our arrival and we quickly ran towards our seats. I put my shoes off and the water literally poured out of them.

The test went well and when, I came out of the hall, I saw my father was waiting for me.

Later, is a story which clarifies me that the woman still has a power in a house and to tell you a truth, my father never dared to say “No” to my mother again. 🙂

Dear friends, I was so heartbroken that I didn’t give a second look to my shoes. I actually threw them away in a store and to this day, I haven’t watched them. 🙂