Rain, fog and Sun

In rain, these flowers looked magical.

In these past days when one after another, rain, fog and sun appeared, this week for me has become memorable.

On Monday evening, it rained.

Weather was so pleasant on that day that I who normally hate getting wet in rain, asked my niece to come and join me outside. 

A puddle was formed on street and I didn’t mind standing in it.


Water found its way inside my sneakers and my socks got wet.

At that moment, I looked at my niece who was enjoying playing with leaf in water, she was considering it a boat.

On seeing that, I decided to enjoy the moment anyway and allowed water to find more ways to wet my socks.

Reflection of trees in water on street looked beautiful.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were cold and foggy days. They didn’t allow us to explore much outside.


Even this Saturday morning there was fog in sky but later sun appeared with all its might.

Under the canopy of yellow shine, earth got warm and calm today.

This is an outside view of library. While taking this picture, I inhaled the sweet fragrance of yellow flowers in air.

Sitting in a park observing shades of sunlight on grass, I thought how different facets of Mother Nature has successfully allowed themselves to fuse in a single week.


When it rained, it was cool.

When there was fog, driving was difficult and today with the sprinkle of golden sunshine on earth, each and everything regained its lost vigour.

Divinity in its might is kind and diverse, It has many colors. If a certain day is dull than a next day can become fun.

Brilliant integration of fog, rain and sun has made this week beautiful for me.

Even Jack and Jill while fetching water from well were also looking happy today.

Word of the day: Integrated


Story: The friendship tree

People in the town used to quote their example. Their friendship was unique. They were known to risk their lives for each other.

Then, like the colors of the morning sun which slowly melts in a daylight, their childhood plant gradually turned into a youthful tree.

With passionate hearts and different perspectives, they chose unique paths in their lives. The money came in abundance and love and care disappeared.The serpent of wealth played a fatal trick and the poisonous venom of jealousy proved lethal.

One day, people of the town woke up to find their friendship tree was withered away.

Mission accomplished!” the hoarse voice of monster of hatred announced

A thunderous applause from junior members caused the night to shiver with fear.

Deep, in a wood, the bird took its last breath.

Its final words were

Once, in a warm sunshine they used to play. Long ago, they love each other!”

This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The word count is 153.

Thankyou, Priceless Joy for hosting this event 🙂

FFfAW: The Worried Mother

Photo prompt - © PricelessJoy

They had been walking for a long time and the little duck was now exhausted.

It was a bright Sunday morning and he was missing his bed. He looked down at his swollen feet, and then looked above at the thin white clouds. They were smiling at him.

But, the shrill voice of Mother Duck brought him back in reality. She was saying, “Hurry up, we are getting late!”

He started to run.

At last, they reached their desired spot. The white building of church seemed to be soaked in sunlight. He was still enjoying the dazzling beauty of his surrounding when the loud voice of her mother startled him. She was asking, “Do you remember the spellings of a church now?”

He yawned as if he had just been woken up and said, “Oh, they are easy. C, H, U, R, C, H”.

The mother duck took a sigh of relief. At last, her method of seeing the place has worked.

Her baby duck had learned to spell the Church.

This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring WritersThe word count is 171. This is my first time. I’ll try to come up with better posts in future.

Thanks, Priceless Joy for hosting this event 🙂