Rain, fog and Sun

In rain, these flowers looked magical.

In these past days when one after another, rain, fog and sun appeared, this week for me has become memorable.

On Monday evening, it rained.

Weather was so pleasant on that day that I who normally hate getting wet in rain, asked my niece to come and join me outside. 

A puddle was formed on street and I didn’t mind standing in it.


Water found its way inside my sneakers and my socks got wet.

At that moment, I looked at my niece who was enjoying playing with leaf in water, she was considering it a boat.

On seeing that, I decided to enjoy the moment anyway and allowed water to find more ways to wet my socks.

Reflection of trees in water on street looked beautiful.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were cold and foggy days. They didn’t allow us to explore much outside.


Even this Saturday morning there was fog in sky but later sun appeared with all its might.

Under the canopy of yellow shine, earth got warm and calm today.

This is an outside view of library. While taking this picture, I inhaled the sweet fragrance of yellow flowers in air.

Sitting in a park observing shades of sunlight on grass, I thought how different facets of Mother Nature has successfully allowed themselves to fuse in a single week.


When it rained, it was cool.

When there was fog, driving was difficult and today with the sprinkle of golden sunshine on earth, each and everything regained its lost vigour.

Divinity in its might is kind and diverse, It has many colors. If a certain day is dull than a next day can become fun.

Brilliant integration of fog, rain and sun has made this week beautiful for me.

Even Jack and Jill while fetching water from well were also looking happy today.

Word of the day: Integrated


That was the moment I knew!


(Thanks Ameena k.g for this prompt. I’m sorry that it is not a free write but the prompt inspires me and I love writing it 🙂

The prompt reminds me of an intelligent girl of my college. She was teacher’s favorite student and I’m not hesitant to accept that I was a bit jealous of her. My “immature mind” was not capable of interpreting her real beauty and I was not wise enough to accept her intelligence as a “source of inspiration” for me.

It so happened, that she stopped coming to college. I heard that she had met some accident. I got busy in studies and forgot her.

One day, I was coming out of Examination Hall when I saw a familiar face on a wheel chair. I was shocked to see her. With some hesitation, I moved towards her and asked her what had happened. The story was shocking as the “stray bullet” had damaged her spinal cord and her lower body was paralyzed. She was on wheel chair and with the urine bag attached; she had come to college because she was worried about her studies.

Her strength amazed me and to this day I can recall her “sweet smile”. I can still feel the firm hold of her hand. I felt a strange attraction in her sparkling eyes and when she spoke, I felt her voice was firm and strong.

It’s been more than ten years now but that moment is still fresh in mind. That was the moment I knew that my feelings of jealousy for that “pure soul” was wrong. That was the moment when I realized the “importance of life”. How much ignorant I was in complaining about the negativities in life, and yet, how “complacent” she looked in her ordeal.