Why I write


I won’t say that reading and writing run in my family but leafing through the pages of my memory book, I’ve found that I and my sister inherited the habit of reading from our father. I don’t know when and how I started to write but I remember that I’ve always found comfort in creative writing.

Throughout my academic career, reading and writing remained my plus points but I never took them seriously.

And then a remarkable change came in my life when I studied for my competitive exams. I didn’t succeed but in the process, I rediscovered my love for writing. That was the first time that I read the book “Alchemist” and the moment I realized the importance of dreaming, everything got changed.

Today, I’m thankful to this world of blogging because it has given me an excuse for reading.

The mere feeling that I’m here to share my ideas with the world is so calming. I like to scribble down my thoughts because I love sharing.

I’m writing and I’ll continue to write because writing has changed my process of thinking.


Writing 101 prompt: why I write

16 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. I love this I can relate on the writing side even though I need so much time to practise on writing stories as right know I am not that good inshallah I will be soon when o keep writing about the things that I love… I love reading but as have small children it gets really hard to have a peaceful time at home .

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    1. Small children have their own demands. I can understand as I’m in a habit of reading in quiet environment.
      I really appreciate your efforts in taking time to read and write posts here.
      May your days remained filled with all the joys of your children because there is nothing more precious than the laugh of a kid (:


  2. I loved that you said “that you realized the importance of dreaming.” Perhaps, that is one of the most important elements when we read and write. That anything can be possible. Wonderful post.

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  3. I love to read, a trait I inherited from my mother (my dad starts a book, reads 2 pages, and falls asleep). I have fond memories of my mom reading to my kids. My daughter picked up the love of reading. She’s only 9, but can plow through a book. Writing for me is an outlet. Thanks for sharing. Glad you did.

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