It’s still okay

Reading a letter

Dearest Ava,

This is a cold winter day and while my fingers are busy in writing, my mind is strolling in that street.The cloudy sky of that evening is still fresh in my mind.

I and you, we were just two there. That was the last day of our university and while walking on that street, I had said that no matter what I would never get married and you in your calm voice had replied that sooner or later I would change my perception and here I confess that I was wrong.

I agree that marriage is the most beautiful relationship and never before I had imagined that life could be so full of colors.

Sharp and bright, soft and light this is now how I defines life and when everyone complains that December sun is getting lazy, I believe #it’sStillOkay.

Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife


Prakash Hegade author of blog Its PH nominated me for this challenge.


The task is to write a
which ends with the #ItsStillOkay and marks a perfect end to it!

Here are the rules:
1. Copy the logo and description
2. Write your perspective for #ItsStillOkay
3. Spread the challenge by keeping open nomination or by nominating at-least five fellow bloggers.

I like this idea of writing and if you’re interested than please feel free to participate. After all it’s all about being creative.

14 thoughts on “It’s still okay

  1. The last line made the whole letter look more beautiful. This was a very nice perspective to say #ItsStillOkay. Picking the right context of December and weaving emotions around it. Thank you for doing this challenge.

    🙂 I am so happy..

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    1. The concept of writing anything from poetry to fiction and the very idea of #itsStillOkay sound interesting to me.

      I’m happy that you like this response (Technically speaking my letter doesn’t end with #ItsStillOkay. May be, I deviated from the rule. It’s the last line which sums up the post here (:

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      Writing that expresses ideas in an imaginative way is called creative writing.
      Thus novels, poems, short stories and screen plays they all come under the category of creative writing.

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