Summer season


I know summer sun can never be calm but these days when May is getting warm, my city’s temperature is rising. Today it was 46 degree Celsius and in the absence of any wind, I found it really hard to breath. All day long my head kept on pounding and I felt my eyes burning.

It’s been some days that our cars’ AC has stopped working and my mother getting tired of car mechanics is looking angry. Now, she’s a strong believer of Murphy’s Law and today when she was sighing for winter, I was smiling and pretending listening to her, I started taking mental notes for my post.

Actually, I like observing shades of green leaves in bright sunlight. In summer, the waft of warm air adds color to environment but this very hue is absent from dull winter days and long winter nights taking a cloak of fog often makes me sad.

So, it’s summer and in the midst of load shedding everyone is missing cold winter days but I’m happy about the presence of raw mangoes in my home and thinking about eating delicious raw mango chutney is making my mouth water. This mango chutney is a real treat to eat with meals.

mango chutney

Well, summer season can offer a lot, for if eating mangoes add sweet flavor to long summer days then at nights eating ice lollies are enough to make anyone smile 🙂

ice lolly.jpgmangoes.jpg



17 thoughts on “Summer season

  1. Oh I never wish for winter no matter how hot it gets..although I must say 46 degrees celsius is oppressive. Are your mangos green? Our mangos are orange in color. Ahh the lollie…now I see what it looks like and it looks yummy! 🙂 Hope you get some relief soon, how much hotter will it get as the summer progresses…also hope your car AC is fixed real soon!

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  2. you are right. every season brings with it, something good, something not so good. And it will go on like this, whether we like it or not. So it is our choice to enjoy what is good… 🙂

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    1. So it is our choice to enjoy what is good…
      I like reading this balanced approach towards life. Its not easy to learn this approach but once mastered, it is capable of bringing comfort in life (:

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